Feedback Flywheel HS-80.

“Hello Mr. Bruin.

I am very pleased to tell you that I am very, very happy with the HS-80.
It took some time (5 weeks) and I now understand why. You told me that a HS-80 has to be tested for a period off time after the HS-80 is ready. I now understand that you are very critical before approving a HS-80.
Regarding the quality of workmanship I must say that it is perfect. A friend of mine owns an original and I must say there is no difference. (OK, there is no label)
For the sound improvement, I noticed a very big upgrade. After a few days of use, I tested it by playing without the HS-80. Well, after one or two songs I swiftly turned the HS-80 back on. Looks like playing a record without a HS-80 is no option.
I am also happy for not buying the reproduced HS-80 offered at Ebay. I’ve heared many problems about this HS-80.

Regards and thanks very much.”

K.S. from Australia.

“I am happy that you could help me repairing my HS-80. After being damaged after a overhaul I’m glad to replace the axle and the upper part. It now runs like never before. Perfect. I have my sound quality back.

I will recommend you to other owners.”

UR. From Denmark.

“To be honest, In the beginning I was a little bit worried. But now I can tell you that I am very happy because your delivered HS-80 is as good as the original I own. Well done Dirk!”

D.H.K. From Japan.

“Ich musste einfach reagieren. Ich bin einer der erste Käufer der HS-80.

Der HS-80 ist einfach perfekt. Das Klangbild ist beeindruckend. Das gesamte Klangbild ist noch Stabiler geworden.”

Nochmals Danke für Ihre Arbeit.

Mr. K. Weber;  Deutschland

“I am happy with the quality of the HS-80, the improvement of sound and also with the Instruction Manual. In the beginning I had some troubles operating the HS-80. The part about your  recommendations helped solving some problems.
In other words. You know a lot. Your experience is great.

Thanks again. Highly recommended. I hope to see other products soon.”

J.K. From Texas USA.