Home Turntable Flywheel Buying



To produce a stable rotation the platter has a high gravity. Therefor the platter has been made of pure Brass and weighs 16 kg. It is a 1 on 1 copy of the original. As the original platter it has a diameter of 310 mm and is designed to accommodate disks directly. No rubber or other kind of mat is needed. By placing the disk directly the platter and disk merge into a harmonious whole. ( Stiffness is enhanced.)
If you want a platter made of Stainless Steel than this can be ordered. (Same price)

Shaft / Axle.

The complete axle is weighing more than 4 kg and as the original It is made like the original. It supports with ease the massive 16 kg Platter. The housing is made of a massive block of stainless steel, the shaft is made of heat-hardened steel and the bearing side is made of bronze. A ceramic ball is used at the end of the shaft.

The complete axle is mounted onto the frame with a massive nut and four extra securing screws.

Frame & Feet.

The frame has a large mass for supporting the rotating mechanism. It is made of brass and weighs including the stainless steel feet more than 22 kg. The feet have little pinpoints for more isolation and compared to the original feet, the turntable can be placed horizontal with more ease. Height adjustment is about 20 mm. The dimensions are 312 by 312 mm.